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Rycramweb Ltd was delighted to work with Mage Control Systems, building their new responsive website in 2019

About Mage Control Systems

‘One man’s magic is another man’s engineering’ – Robert A Heinlein

Why are we called ‘Mage’?

It’s simply another word for wizard.

We pride ourselves in welcoming the most complex of engineering problems – it may seem like magic but it’s just a combination of science, innovation, creativity and a wealth of engineering experience. Let’s tell you more about that.

Established as a specialist engineering consultancy in 2011, Mage Control Systems has grown significantly to develop a dedicated team of highly motivated engineers with 60 years of combined experience in adaptive and predictive control system design.

The result is a team of peerless, boundary breaking innovators who consider complex engineering challenges as opportunities to develop new and disruptive technological solutions. Designed for application in the harshest and toughest of environments, our bespoke solutions save energy and keep costs under control.

Based in East Kilbride, our offices are within easy travelling distance of both Glasgow (30 mins) and Edinburgh (50 mins).

Mage Control Systems

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