• Change is Choice

Change is Choice

The name Change is Choice was created because it was something that Fi personally realised over time that to effect any change in her daughter’s health she would have to make a choice over where she was to turn next.

Opening up to this world of possibility was the turning point and the resulting ripple effect from this place of opportunity has now become lifelong. These two words have continued to be transformational for Fi & so it seemed apt to include them in her title to share them with you.

In the 16 months that Fi’s daughter was chronically ill following the flu virus, she tried everything she knew possible to allow her to get well again but failed every single time. She was eventually diagnosed after 9 months of ill health at the age of 15 with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or ME as it is also known. Up until this point, Fi had heard of this illness but can honestly say she could never have known for one minute how devastatingly debilitating it could be. There was not a system in her body which functioned properly and the pain and accompanied lethargy which followed were so incredibly painful to watch. Fi is just grateful that her girl persevered tirelessly in her mind to allow herself to keep going trusting that in time they would find a way to get her well again. Thankfully they did and the rest is history…..

Isla’s recovery was where the quote on the beautiful picture of the Tay Rail Bridge became symbolic for Change is Choice. They were to travel those 1000 miles there and back to London to attend the life changing Training Programme called the Lightning Process after Isla’s NHS Consultant agreed over the potential it could hold. The Lightning Process (LP) was designed by world leading expert in the mind-body connection Phil Parker & it truly did change their lives.

All Fi can say is that she knew she would do everything in her power to train with Phil to bring the Lightning Process back home to Scotland and she now has. After over a year of travelling to London every month, Fi realised her dream and is now the sole, registered, licensed Lightning Process Practitioner north of the border.

Her passion is to now assist & encourage others to take their first steps to health and wellbeing too. By reading this far, you have already taken yours, potentially opening up a whole new possibility for yourself in the process.

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