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Acctim Watches
Rycramweb Ltd is delighted to work with Acctim Watches, building their new responsive website in 2018

About Acctim Watches

Acctim Watches are a market leader for radio controlled timepieces. Acctim radio controlled watches combine British design with world class materials and watch technology. Acctim Atomatiq® radio controlled watches are a new step in the Acctim radio controlled legacy.

Our philosophy
Extolling British traits of warmth and honesty, an Acctim Atomatiq® radio controlled watch is a no-nonsense timepiece with an impeccable sense of style. Acctim watches effortlessly combine functional technology with classic British styling, giving you a watch of utmost accuracy in a beautiful package.

Radio controlled technology
Acctim radio controlled watches are brimming with functional technology. Acctim radio controlled watches feature combinations of Atomatiq® dual-band radio controlled movements, Acctim Autoset® technology, and a ten-year battery life. See our detailed information page for insights into how Acctim Atomatiq® radio controlled watch technology works.

Acctim watches
Acctim radio controlled watches improve your quality of life with our world-class functional watch technology combined with beautiful British design. Sturdy, refined and undeniably British. Acctim timepieces are quality watches, solidly constructed and designed with convenience in mind; our flagship models are constructed with world-class Swiss componentry, Italian leather, stainless steel cases and bracelets.