Website Hosting from Rycramweb Ltd

Your website will need to be stored on a server so it can be viewed by your potential customers. Think of it as renting a shop or warehouse space.

Our Website Hosting plans are designed to run on full power – delivering ultra-fast loading speeds, hourly backups, tough security, backed by our 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Hosted right here in the UK, our Website Hosting is fast, reliable and secure – the ideal home for your website. To top it all off, our hosting starts with a massive 5GB storage powered by 100% SSD Drives. The perfect hosting solution for any growing website.

PCI-DSS Compliant

Our Elastic Cloud infrastructure has been fine tuned to ensure PCI-DSS compliancy for your business website or online store.

Fast Cloud Hosting

Hosted on the ultra-fast servers using pure RAID10 SSD storage technology. We use a unique combination of Litespeed and Nginx.

Hourly Backups

All of our hosting accounts come with fully automated backups with the ability to restore directly from within cPanel.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Our servers have been designed to ensure that your websites stay online without downtime. Our uptime is backed by our SLA.

Truly Reliable Email Service

Sick and tired of your emails not being delivered due to ‘blacklists’?

Blacklisted IP addresses on shared or reseller hosting is the number one cause for mail delivery issues and is a common problem for shared hosts. Once an IP address has been blacklisted, it can take several days for the block to be lifted, meaning email fails during this time.

We use MailChannels Cloud so that all outbound mail are relayed through a distributed network of IP Addresses. No more blacklist problems!

We also scan all inbound and outbound mail for SPAM, with our unique combination of MagicSPAM Pro and SpamAssassin – included free of charge for each and every email account.

Hosting Prices

Brochure Website

12 Month Contract
£ 198 Annually
  • SSD Storage: 5GB
  • SSL Certificate
  • Reliable Email Service
  • MagicSPAM Pro
  • Up to 2 Cores / 2GB RAM
  • Daily Back Ups

Small Business Website

12 Month Contract
£ 298 Annually
  • SSD Storage: 10GB
  • SSL Certificate
  • Reliable Email Service
  • MagicSPAM Pro
  • Up to 4 Cores / 4GB RAM
  • Hourly Back Ups

Large Business Website

12 Month Contract
£ 398 Annually
  • SSD Storage: 20GB
  • SSL Certificate
  • Reliable Email Service
  • MagicSPAM Pro
  • Up to 8 Cores / 8GB RAM
  • Hourly Back Ups

Is your Hosting Company letting you down?

FREE Migration Service
Worried about migrating from another provider? Let us take care of it for you.

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