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Fleet Management Solutions. Control, track, and analyse your fleet operation with one easy to use solution for fleets of all sizes.

Sturdy Group Europe

Sturdy Group Europe is a global supplier of mechanical, electrical, electronic and software solutions for a diverse range of markets with a focus on applications designed for harsh environments.
Operating from its “concept to completion” platform, the company has the on-site capabilities to design, manufacture, validate and distribute quality products to meet their customers’ changing needs and specifications. Headquartered in Wilmington, North Carolina with facilities in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, Sturdy has been providing superior products and customer service since 1971.

Sturdy Corporation is a full service provider of mechanical, electrical, electronic and software products. Our production facility in Wilmington, North Carolina boasts 140,000 square feet of space and serves as the hub for our product design, development, testing and manufacturing operations. Designed to support our “concept to completion” platform. Our facility is outfitted for maximum efficiency

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