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The Green Classic Owners’ Club
The Green Classic Owners’ Club (GCOC) is a not-for-profit organisation that allows members to drive their historic and classic vehicles without removing the internal combustion engine or irreversibly converting to use alternative fuels.

The Green Classic Owners’ Club

The Green Classic Owners’ Club (GCOC) has been established by a focused group of enthusiasts who feel that more needs to be done when it comes to the environmental challenges that are facing the classic car industry and hobby in the near-term future.

Conscientious classic car owners are concerned about the growing pressures on the future of their passion. They understand the need to do something that addresses the environmental questions that are being asked, but cannot see clearly where the solutions are coming from. The GCOC wishes to build a membership who are ardent about this agenda and want to join the informed debate on answering these important challenges.

In joining the GCOC, new members will:-

  • Be joining a body with a wider sustainability vision, because they wish to support this agenda.
  • Receive a members’ sticker for their car windscreen.
  • A GCOC lapel badge.
  • And annual certification for their carbon offset.

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