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Thomas Mills High School & Sixth Form
a flourishing 11-18 high school situated in the historic town of Framlingham, Suffolk.

Thomas Mills High School & Sixth Form

Thomas Mills High School is a leading educational institution that strives to provide the best learning experience for its students. That’s why they chose Rycramweb Ltd as their website hosting partner. 

Rycramweb Ltd offers fast website speeds, reliable hosting and WordPress maintenance services that ensure the school’s online presence is always up to date and secure. 

Whether it’s showcasing the school’s achievements, communicating with parents and staff, or offering online learning resources, Rycramweb Ltd helps Thomas Mills High School achieve their goals with their professional and affordable website hosting solutions.

The website of Thomas Mills High School showcases the achievements and activities of the school community. It was created by Splice Creative, a leading agency that specialises in web design, branding and marketing. Splice Creative relies on Rycramweb Ltd for their web hosting and WordPress management services.

We have a long-standing partnership that ensures high-quality and secure websites for their clients. Splice Creative and Rycramweb Ltd are proud to support Thomas Mills High School in their online presence.

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