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Add General Appointments And More

Calendar Add On Update – Add General Appointments And More

Following the release of our NEW 2019 Calendar add on back in March of this year, it’s just undergone it’s first set of updates. In this post we’ll look at the functionality added in this latest version to benefit your estate agency.

Add General Appointments
You’ll now have the ability to add and manage general appointments. These might be things like office meetings, staff holidays and other general engagements.

To create an appointment you can simply select the date and time from the calendar and select ‘Add General Appointment’ from the popup:

From there you can add further information about the appointment including date and times, and which staff members this applies to:

General Appointments

This add on has so much more scope to be extended further and we can’t wait to bring you more releases in the future. If you’re interested in using our calendar add on on your estate agency WordPress backend to manage your appointments simply contact us today.

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