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Summer Jane Jewellery
Rycramweb Ltd was delighted to work with Summer Jane Jewellery, building their new responsive website in 2019

About Summer Jane Jewellery

Summer Jane is an online jewellery company aiming to bring accessible luxury to everyone. Specialising in high quality sterling silver and gold vermeil pieces. Our stunning synthetic stones are faceted like real diamonds.

Gleam like a sunbeam with Summer Jane…

With an established background in the jewellery industry, Summer Jane has been created with years of experience and knowledge to bring our customers high quality, fashion forward jewellery. At Summer Jane we are passionate about affordable luxury and we believe that everyone should own a piece of jewellery that makes them feel special.

Summer Jane is founded by a husband and wife team. Michael Mcgough has been in the jewellery industry for over twenty years starting his jewellery career at just fourteen within the family business. A well respected jeweller within the industry his core ethos is honesty, integrity and above all providing the customer with a great quality product at a great price.

Sarah Mcgough has a varied background in fashion and beauty specialising in the cosmetic industry, launching her own cosmetic website in 2010. Alternatively, she has written for multiple publications and worked on fashion week campaigns and other high-profile assignments. She has a passion for all things pretty and loves making women feel at their most beautiful.

In 2009 Sarah and Michael undertook their most important collaboration, becoming parents to their daughter Summer Jane. Born in the midst of an unusual Scottish heatwave her name was a given. It was only as she grew that they realised her name could not have been a better fit. Sunshine, happiness and beauty surrounds Summer Jane. So, 10 years later when it came to yet another collaboration what better name to choose for their brand?

The sunflower logo is an important addition to the brand as it incorporates the sun, beauty, and vibrancy. It is also a special nod to the family’s special place, Italy, where fields of sunflowers are abundant.

Summer Jane Jewellery Logo
Summer Jane Jewellery

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